Sample Parts Created Using Machines Retrofitted With WEi Controllers

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Complex Surface Machining

This logo was machined using a ball cutter onto a piece of round tubing. A 3D surface was created to match the curvature of the material in a 3D CAD program. It took approximatly 20min to program the part, and around 10min to run it.

Logo Etching

In this example a B&W image file is used to mill custom initials into a carbonite (plastic) gun stock. The image (top-left) was run through the software which uses the color value to determine height, and automatically creates a tool path. The user can specify the depth of the cut. The image took 20min to make, and could be run in under an hour.

Shift Knob Mold

The first picture shows wax and carbon fiber molds that were milled out of aluminum blocks. 3D models of the shift knobs were first created, and then the cut-outs were converted into G-code by the software. The second picture shows a shift knob laying in the mold which was designed to assist in the carbon fiber vaccum process.


This tachometer was etched out of 1/8" thick aluminum and was a given as a Christmas gift to past WEi customers. During cutting the work was held onto the table through a custom vacuum pressure system. It took under and hour to design the etchings, and each part averaged 10min to cut.

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